He smirked with an eye roll, giving short head shake towards you as you continue to laugh. your own Pins on Pinterest Even Kuroo acts like he enjoys being around me more than you do,” you listed off. #kei "(Y/n)-chan, you bit me." You smiled when Kyoutani moved his arm back in order for you to take a bite, after doing so you you gave him a kiss on the cheek as he smirked, handing you the rest before getting up and going to the court as you started to back up towards Hinata and Sugawara, taking small bites. "She has to lea-." "Date TechAoneYou gave your friend a hand signal before you went with her to stay the night at her house, you were at Date Tech, practicing with girls team. You kissed his cheek then laid your head on his shoulder before sitting up. "Ah." "Noya. #fanfiction "Did you smack my butt?" hi! Team Karasuno Hinata You smiled as you talked with Yachi as the two of you stood next to the volleyball cart, putting in the volleyballs that weren't being used. "Iwazumi "Iwazumi." #shots A ray of sunshine glistened on his face when he open the door to the roof with shaky hands. He gave a head shake, looking back at the screen with a 'tch'. You coward next to him and he swung, when he did he smacked your butt, it made an echoed and when it did you and Suga stared at each other. "Come on." You gave a head shake and left the room, Asahi gave white eyes towards Noya as he continued to laugh. You blushed after he kissed your hand and pulled up a strand of your hair after you yawn. "Oh..Love you too. "Those two are so strange." "I guess so but." #volleyball. "No, I just. You just smiled with a laugh as you shook your head, walking with Yachi, who stared at the ground, looking more embarrassed than you. "I love you." "Sugawara You gave a small gasp after shutting out locker to see Sugawara smiling at you. "Yeah." "Nope, not one bit. Add to library 87 » Discussion 80 » Follow author » Share . You sighed and looked back at Akiteru. "Gotta go. akaashi keiji . He pulled up a chair in front of you and held out a chip, making you smile, looking down at your phone, texting one of your friends as you opened up for the chip. You blushed a deep red after you ended your yawn when Kuroo gave you a playful pop on the butt, you turned around to see him smirking. "Hinata?" You gave a small yelp and gasp after Akaashi gave you a smack on the butt that echoed just before he sat in the computer chair at your desk. warnings : angst, talk of cheating, fluff, cursing, smoking. I don't know j-." He gave a head shake as your head rested on his shoulder, making you give narrowed eyes, playfully, staring at his arm. As you walked over to the door and opened it with another yawn, Kuroo smirked and followed behind you. "Terushima. akaashi + kuroo + iwaizumi + tsukishima . Haikyuu boyfriend scenarios he cheats {{article.title}} {{tour.title}} 혬혶혳혰혰 혵혦혵혴혶혳혰혶; honestly you probably thought this because of how much time he’s spend with lev’s older sister- alisa. "Perfect for each other. "You already are the sweetest thing in my life. He looked at you with narrowed eyes, you sealed your lips before smiling with blush, making him continue to walk with an eye roll and small smirk. As you and Yachi made small talk, Hinata was prancing with his team, once Kageyama spiked the ball he grunted. "Y-yes, it was. Kyoutani walked down the hall and gave you a light snack on your butt in the process. "Did we rui-." You made small talk as you tried to unravel an end, Lev followed behind some of his members and gave you a big smile. Be there in a bit!" "Maybe I did Button." You gave a giggling sigh as he held a volleyball in the air, you were tidying up the gym after Karasuno was finished and Lev practiced with them in order to die for time with you. "You didn't have to put out hand over my mouth." anime anime imagines haikyuu smut haikyuu fluff haikyuu akaashi akaashi x ... can i request headcanons with tsukishima? haikyuu scenarios haikyuu x y/n haikyuu x you haikyuu smut haikyū!! "Yes..." you nudged him then gave him a peck on the cheek before getting up and stretching. "Hey love." ... being the supportive boyfriend he is, helped you start. he is the only boyfriend !! #boyfriend "PDA in the store now?" "But I wanted to." Daichi smiled and gave you a nod as he stood outside of the gym with you, you just gave a smile as he handed you your bag. Aone looked up at to see you smiling down at him, light pink cheeks, making him smile a bit, standing up just to face you and pull you into a hug. "Akaashi "I'd bite you." "Ahhh!" "See?! Kyoutani saw this and you smiled at him, you made your way out of the bathroom and went to your room and grabbed your brush and he followed you. "Team Nekoma Kuroo You stepped into the gym after hearing shoes squeak from when you exited the school, you gave a confused look at first seeing that no one had practice today but you smiled seeing Kuroo sitting in one of the cushion chairs. "Certainly. "Yeah that's not the only nickname I give him. There are some one shots in here as well. You giggled then kissed his shoulder, you frowned seeing how he didn't feel it, then it made you softly bit him, making a noise with it. As he ran for the ball, he gave a small gasp seeing the ball was head over you, he tried to jump and spike it but when he touched the ground, his hand made a popping sound against your butt. "Good luck." Hit her instead!" There was a bug on you. Boyfriend Scenarios!! "What?! "I said you didn't need make up." "(Y/n), we had food on the bus. "Tanaka"Hello Baby." #oikawa #tendou "Scare you?" Do all the things he should be doing as a boyfriend. ... She and her own boyfriend had been having problems, so I guess she thought they were taking a break. "Satori!" "There." You found out how much your boyfriend Kiyoomi loves to be clean during quarantine, when he didn’t just buy every (and when I say every I mean all of them) kind of house product to sanitise your apartment, but he also started to get into the beauty care world. You and the rest of the class looked over at Yachi once she popped her head through the door. "No sweat, sensei ain't here yet either." When he turned around he saw Sugawara, Tanaka, and Ukai smirking and chucking at him, he just chuckled and walked past them.Tsukishima   You and Tsukishima were at the park together before he went to practice, you sat next to him and talked about your day as he listened, you saw your (f/n) walk by and got up and went to her. And he accidentally blurs out "I love you/marry me" and when he realizes he's all flustered about it but his s/o simply says "of course I'll marry you Satori" or sth like that? Oikawa removed his arm, and as he held it with narrowed eyes to you, you stood on your toes and kissed his cheek. "I touched the butt! "Love you." he hadn’t been answering your messages or calls. You and Kuroo were going over to your house but you didn't expect him coming to the gym first. "Nishinoya You stepped into class to see Nishinoya asleep on the desk, which he sat two seats behind you, slightly drooling along with snoring. You gave a small laugh as he turned off his phone, sitting up and pulling you close to him, kissing your cheek after word. Head Cannons, Scenarios, And Imagines!!! Oikawa smirked and shook his head and followed behind Iwaizumi, leaving you flustered. Iwaizumi was talking to the janitor about being in the gym while yiybabd Oikawa were spiking in. #tendou "Yamaguchi Yamaguchi and a few other of his teammates cheered after Nishinoya did his rolling thunder, you smiled and pushed the cart to toss volleyballs to the others. "We're telling Kei about this." "Stay awake." "Tired?" "Great." + warnings: angst, cheating, mentions of giving head, cursing. Akaashi You waited in your room for Akaashi to arrive, the two of you were gonna go out to the mall and just spend the day together before having to go to night practice. "What the!" He chuckled as you tried to reach for it, then pecked your lips, letting you take  back the bottle with a giggle. Hello there!! "Oooh Iwaizumi, get it. "Tch. "You didn't have to do that." haikyuu boys as domestic boyfriend things feat. "Fukurodani Academy Bokuto You gave parted lips to speak to Yatchi as the two of you picked up towels the boys left behind but the sound of groaning made you and her glance to see Bokuto and Akaashi walk into the gym, Bokuto clinching his hair. Time Without Him. "Ready?" "Akaashi! "Oikawa I gotta go." tendou, boyfriend, anime. Haikyuu!! The moment Oikawa saw her brows pinch together, he was terrified that he had crossed too far over a boundary line that had yet to be established. Well. "Team Johzenji Terushima You gave parted lips after Terushima took your phone, the two of you were at his house, sitting on the couch together as he took selfies. You slightly jumped with parted lips after Bokuto smacked your butt then pulled you close to him by your side. Your bite or the landing." I love you Pretty girl." You blushed and gave him flustered cheeks with parted lips after the sound of the pop after Inuoka gave you a playful smack on the butt, he then walked away and looked back at you with a calm smile and you gave one back. "Was it really an accident?" "You hit me in the face with a ball!" volleyball, tendou, hinata. You gave a frustrated sigh, as students started to fill the room, you gave narrowed eyes just as you bit the back of his neck, making him sit up with a yelp as he held it. ˚ ₊⁎ 퓢퓽퓸퓻픂 퓣퓲퓶퓮 ⁎₊ ˚. "You had your sweet treat." Once you gotten out of you seat, Noya reached over and gave you a slap on the butt before leaning back to the desk, you gave a small yelp after the light popping sound and looked at Noya, you had red cheeks as he had light pink cheeks when he chuckled and gave you shrugged shoulders. There are some one shots in here as well. "Well I'll let you get some rest." Iwazumi gave a small groan, the two of you were at your house, he was laying on his stomach in your bed, scrolling through media as you were sitting next to him doing the same. "Iwazumi." "Inouka Inouka smiled when you came through the front door of his house for there was no practice for either teams. *In Editing*. Inuoka chuckled and took the water bottle from, then gave you a peck on the forehead, he looked back at his team mates still working out then looked back at you and took another water bottle. And he accidentally blurs out "I love you/marry me" and when he realizes he's all flustered about it but his s/o simply says "of course I'll marry you Satori" or sth like that? "Don't know what hurt more. You're welcome." Can I please request a scenario of jealous todoroki when his s/o asked him to hangout but he didnt want to so his s/o asked her close guy friend to go with her n now todoroki regrets bcoz his s/o kept talking abt how much fun they had etc so todoroki got kinda scared his s/o will leave him "I'm sorry for both. You gave widened eyes and stopped speaking when Kei placed a hand over your mouth, putting his phone to your eyes as you watched and listened to him speak to his mother about returning soon. "Tsukishima You were walking home with Tsukishima after he offered, your arm was in his for his hands were in his pockets. After you pulled back you went over to help Yachi with the net while the boys were stretching. You knew you weren't in trouble so you stood up with a small nod and smile. after you bit the side of his shoulder, taking the phone with a giggle before walking off. "Gwah! You stood there with deep red cheeks with your hands behind your back as you gave a parted smiled and stared at Terushima. "Hey Hun." It was just you since you helped enough in the gym for the day. *In Editing* by zombielover8469 with 12,357 reads. Sugawara You and Sugawara sat in the bed at your house, as he sat up you laid down and made small talk, just before a spider dropped down in front of Sugawara's face. Keep reading. "Is mine." He chuckled with blush you smiled with blush, then continued to walk with your teammates. "How do you know?" You gave him playful narrowed eyes at the last part as he chuckled and you answered the phone. I hope you enjoy XD, #anime Hello there!! When You're Jealous. Discover (and save!) It wasn't that hard. Lev looked back at you with a chuckle as you gave blushing cheeks and playful narrowed eyes. "Ooh, I'm." "W-what was that for?" He had assumed too much and now they thought he was a disgusting pig, he was absolutely certain that was the case. "I got it!" "Kenma You were with Kenma and the rest of Nekoma today, Karasuno didn't have practice and you were going over to Kuroo's with Kenma after their practice. Kageyama held his arm just as Hinata step to him, looking between his fingers as held spun the ball in his hand. You had to wrap your arms around Iwaizumi to stop him from beating Oikawa to a pulp. And payback. "Shoyo." Making Up With Him. "IwaizumiYou were practicing with Iwaizumi and Oikawa in the gym since you and them had nothing else to do for an hour. You smiled seeing him laying on the ground, staring up at you with a chuckle. Mar 10, 2019 - Read Where He Leaves Hickies from the story BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios by Kuri-chan52 (Khr trash XD) with 44,731 reads. "Is that all?" I've always wanted to write one of these! HAIKYUU!! "Do you say that when I call you?" #hinata I was just being playful." Aug 12, 2020 - Welcome to the /r/hair community! "This here pretty girl." "Love you too." You copied Oikawa but the ball hit Iwaizumi in the face as he was walking back. You slowly went up to him, past Ashi, whom was about to tell you hi before you put tired index finger to your lips. "Suga?" You gave a small laugh after Tanaka pulled his finger back, kissing it after you accidentally bit him, chewing on the chip still. Ah I love Tendou! Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios Punklovergirl68. "Well I did have ice cream." "That's why I call him Slick. As you laid in bed and scrolled through media on your phone, Akaashi stepped into your room, he gave a small smile then walked over to you. "Tch. After you received a text, you went up to Oikawa just after he served. Oikawa gave an eye roll of his own, making you smiled more with a small laugh as you left the gym. Enjoy ♡ Anime & Manga Love & Friendship Haikyuu Haikyuu Boyfriend Haikyuu Anime ... Report. "Kyoutani "Ah, Kyoutani." He stood up and pulled you up with him. you wouldn’t hang out on the weekends as much. "Told you." Bokuto started to rant towards Akaashi his arm went across you, pointing outside the gym before you smirked towards Akaashi, him giving a nod just before you bit Bokuto's arm. Boyfriend Scenarios!! "You okay?" "Kyoutani "Okay I'll be done in a second." "Last one of our the school?" I won-." You gave light pink cheeks then an eye roll when he interlocked his fingers with yours. You smirked going up to him, seeing him pulling his school uniform pants over his shoes before you leaves over, softly biting his lobe. Okay that's enough." "(Y/n) is needed in the office." #one "Noya you h-." "I'll be right back." "You're not referring to me aren't you?" "Are you ready to g-." You gave widened eyes after you bit, accidentally, in the middle of Yama's chest. Kenma turned to look at you slowly, his face blank but eyes lit with anger. "Can I have a bite?" He tried to wave at you but you didn't face his direction, so he just walked quietly over to you. He looked at you then kissing your cheek as you smiled and hugged him when he did the same to you. You smiled a bit after talking since Kei asked how you're test went. #nekoma You gave light pink cheeks when you looked back at Daichi, he gave a smile and blushed as well as he walked backwards and into the gym. *In Editing* by zombielover8469 with 27,528 reads. "That was fun." After he ended the call, you smiled then but his hand, making him pull back with a confused look as you smile more before your fingers interlocked with his. You slightly jumped only to make Ukai pull back, pressing his fingers to his lips after yo softly bit when startled. #one Your friend giggled as you smiled with a small laugh after a sigh, going up to him, hugging him with one arm as the other held a book. "Kill it!" You placed your bag down quietly then gave him a soft bite on the shoulder, he then gave widened eyes. Can you make a scenario with Tendou where he's talking with his s/o and he makes her laugh and just then he realizes how much he's in love?? "Sorry I'm late." (Hoped you enjoyed this XD some don't make sense but XD More to come soon! "Why do you always have to hit me?!" You smiled and gave a wave at him as you stepped into the gym, once you sat down your gym bag, Tanaka's lips pressed against yours. You sat up straight as he chuckled and placed the cup in the sink, your cheeks were red as you stared at him them smiled and continued to talk on the phone. "Maybe. There are some one shots in here as well. Hinata chuckled as he held his phone up in front of him, beating your score on a game Tanaka got the two of you in. He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head with one hand and covered where you bit in the other. Haikyuu! "Ow." He gave shrugged shoulders, which made you sigh and look around your room. one, hinata, kageyama. "I mean. They both looked at you after hearing your camera go off, you smiling before you gave sealed lips when Kageyama looked down at you, taking your phone as you gave widened eyes when he turned his back to you. I gotta go. Ever !!!! #shots You gave a nod, cutting him off when to pressed your forehead against his chest with a small yawn, he smiled and hugged you, about to speak once more but waited after feeling you give parted lips when you pecked his chest. #kei haikyuu imagines haikyuu haikyuu scenarios haikyuu x reader haikyuu!! Oikawa narrowed his eyes and pointed at you as Iwaizumi looked at him then at you. He smirked with a head shake, and when you turned off your phone, he climbed over you on all fours, staring down at you. Shiratorizawa Academy Tendou "Tendou no!" You gave a small laugh as Tsukishima and Kuroo gave a head shake, only Kuroo smirked. "You're cheating." Enjoy ♡ Bokuto came into the gym and immediately went over to you and lifted up his eyebrow. "Ukai sens-!" You gave Ukai a kiss on the cheek as he chuckled and messed with his lighter before your phone went off. Boyfriend Scenarios!! Scenarios and preferences with your Haikyuu Boyfriend! "Alright." He wants so badly to pull up an instance but, in all honesty, he can’t recall a single one and the accompanying guilt over that fact has him wanting to go back in time to start that morning over. You smiled and gave small giggles sitting next to Noya, he kept flicking paper footballs at you that had cute writings in them. #haikyuu "She..bit me." ... Hamilton BF Scenarios He Cheats. Boyfriend Scenarios!! You shook your head and walked past him but when you did. He gave a small groan, making him lay on his forehead as you gave an eye roll, glancing around then kissing his cheek. "Love you Lil cutie!" And Iwa-chan is the family dog.” He smirked, his eyes snapping over to Iwaizumi. Boyfriend Scenarios!! "Tendou." "It's hard to understand you when your holding your li-." "You cheated." ), Your Nicknames For Each Other (In editing), Random Scenario: When He Gets You Flowers, When The Two Of You Watch Ghost Adventures Together, Image Scenario: When He Gets You A Plushy (In editing), Random Scenario(Part 2): When He Gets You A Plushy, Random Scenario(Part 1): Couple Jewelry Set, Random Scenario(Part 2): Couple Jewelry Set, Random Scenario(Part 1): Matching T-shirts, Random Scenario(Part 2): Matching T-shirts, When You Reference To A Vine (In Editing), Random Scenario(Part 1):The Picture He Relates You To, Random Scenario(Part 2):The Picture He Relates You To, Gif Scenario: His Reaction If He Saw You Perform The WAP , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction If He Saw You Perform The WAP , Gif Scenario: His Reaction After He Reads A Love Note Given To You , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction After He Reads A Love Note Given To You , Gif Scenario: How The Two Of You Dance Together When Alone , Gif Scenario (Part 2) How The Two Of You Dance Together When Alone , Gif Scenario: His Reaction If You Sent Him A Nude While Out In Public , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction If You Sent Him A Nude While Out In Public , Haikyuu!! ", (Hoped you enjoyed this!! "Ooh! "Ow!" He gets all frustrated and ... #tsukishima kei x reader #tsukishima kei angst #haikyuu x reader #TW// cheating. OtherAkiteru You gave an eye roll to one of your teammates after the two of you stepped out of the gym, only for you to smile more seeing Akiteru there, shutting his car door. I-Im sorry!" *In Editing* Fanfiction. "Hey there!" Chapter 15: When You Break Up/When He Cheats ... and most importantly how she flirted with your boyfriend when he came to visit you on your break. You blushed a deeper red than smiled with a head shake seeing Hinata cower at you, once you laughed he laughed and put his hand behind his neck and rubbed it it's a grin and chuckle of his own. "Of course. "I love you too." "Were you really?" I hope you enjoy XD, #anime Kenma looked back at the screen with an 'Oh' as you smiled with a quick puff through your nose, holding onto him tightly and just before you could watch him play again, the two of you looked up seeing Kuroo in front of you with an confused look. "Dai-." "U-uh." Almost instantly, your face grew warm seeing what your boyfriend was wearing. Nekoma was their too, Fukunaga arrived in the gym last, he saw you but saw that you were busy, and looking for him. "Was I fool?" "Hungry for me instead (Y/n)-chan?" You gave a 'seriously?' Who's this?" Characters include Hinata, Kageyama, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Terushima. Both you and him gave a small yelp and scream once the spider dangled from his web. Oikawa turned his back, trying not to laugh before Iwaizumi came up to him. "Oikawa, let go." Anime/Manga Fanfiction Short Stories One Shots Boyfriend Scenario Haikyuu. "It was a love bite." "Of course Kenma." Akiteru smirked then took your hand in his, leading you to sidewalk to walk you home. "Why did you do that?" You gave a small gasp with parted lips and faced Oikawa, Iwaizumi sighed the walked over to you. Akaashi looked over at you with an eyebrow raise, the two of you were over at his house, watching a movie together until a scene came on making you say that. atsumu never leaves without his wedding ring.. he doesn’t wear it on his finger, no, it was uncomfortable and constantly got in the way of his career — his sport, so you tell him he didn’t have to wear it when he played, but then he told you that it gave him good luck, so he insists on keeping it on him anyways. He gave you narrowed and playful eyes, standing up and holding the chips closer to him, then smirked with a wink. "She looks busy Oikawa." Setting your book down, you slowly got up, wondering what your boyfriend wanted. "I'm glad we took another picture." !XD and yes this Scenario is happening XD)Team Karasuno Hinata "Shoyo!" You gave an eye roll then leaned over, biting his shoulder then placing your phone in front of him, showing him a pic of him and Oikawa you posted. You looked at him then gave him a smile as you checked each volleyball to see if they were filled up with the right amount of air. You gave a small yelp and placed your hand on your butt, you had red checks when you turned around, Fukunaga walked past you, behind you and gave you another pop on the other side. "You need to calm down." "What? 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Scenarios and preferences with your Haikyuu Boyfriend! ... A number of boyfriend scenarios that relate to you and your favorite turtle. "On your butt." Scenarios and preferences with your Haikyuu Boyfriend! "I was kidding, but why my nose?" Lev"Lev not again." Danganronpa v3 boyfriend scenarios. You're here!" "I was dared to." You gave flustered cheeks as he stood next to you with hands behind his back staring up at the ceiling. Kyoutani gave you a nod after he stepped into your house, you were in the bathroom putting on foundation and some eye liner. He gave a chuckle at the guy walking way, you gave flustered cheeks and a head shake and walked away from him with a giggle as he gave white eyes. You giggled as he pressed his forehead to yours, giving you narrowed eyes before you kissed his cheek. "Don't pick on me." Told ya Noya!" "Akaashi? you should come join me,” you suggested to your boyfriend, asahi. You turned to your friend and gave her a couple of hand signals, Tendou saw that the team was getting ready and started to get impatient. You sealed your lips with a small giggle as you held a ball and gave a nod. ƬyƬy. You gave a small giggle as you laid on your back next to Hinata, then two of you were at your house for there was no practice today, or no school. "Hey there." "Oops." "Jump." “i’m going to take a shower. He gave a nod and another smirk as you turned off your phone and sat up in bed with blushing cheeks. You were about to speak before Terushima's hand left your butt after giving it a soft pop that still echoed and you gave a small yelp. Sugawara and Hinata stopped walking as you smiled and started to walk up to Kyoutani, the three of you were going to unload the bus until you saw Kyoutani sitting the in gym slouched, watching the others practice. ... Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios He stands up for you. He kissed you softly before you walked away and when you did, he gave you a lights slap on the butt. "I'm sorry." "Just stopped by to tell you I love you." "I love you too." "You relaxed?" I swear i'll update soon. Characters include Hinata, Kageyama, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Terushima. You go practice." "I love you too." Which was over but everyone was tidying up, well Kenma wasn't, he was sitting next you, playing on his DS as you held his arm, watching him do so. Read When He Gets Jealous from the story Haikyuu!! ... your boyfriend sitting at the table in front of you. You smirked after he died, hearing him give a frustrated groan, making you softly bite his arm, whose jacket sleeve was rolled up. You gave a confused look after you but his arm, making him drop his phone on his head. He Cheats. And why did you bite me?" "I believe it." You turned around with both hands behind you too see Fukunaga walk away, you gave playful narrowed eyes at him but he didn't turn to face you, he did once he got onto the court, you were already talking to Yachi and he gave a small smirk.Fukurodani Academy Bokuto You were in the gym with Akaashi, waiting for Bokuto, as the two of you were setting up the net a young guy from their school came up to you. "Kuroo...that's not right." "You acted as if I was a toddler." You then headed Jack ofer to Yachi, Bokuto watched then glanced over to see Akaashi raising an eyebrow to him. I call him Slick as well." "Yes. Knowing the teacher would send him to after school detention, you tried to wake him by tapping on his shoulder. "No like this." Akaashi knocked on your front door then sighed and stepped into the house. UkaiYou and Ukai sat on the couch at your house, you just gotten off of work and Ukai didn't have to coach but he did have to run the store today. "Cause I can." Oikawa came into the gym quietly, for once, with Iwaizumi. “Pick a number between 1-10” Texts Characters: Kageyama, Daichi, KurooTime Period: Aged up! Sugawara smiled with a chuckle as you giggled, him pulling you closer. "Awe, it's okay." The response was great but it was not until 1997 when the market got a significant boost with Red Bull making its appearance in the US market. "That was (Y/n)!" "You wouldn't." You laughed then hugged him tightly as he chuckled and hugged you back. "Hoped that didn't hurt." "It's okay. "Are you going to hit me now?" Daichi "Well, I can't stay, I have to go home." Oikawa gave narrowed eyes with small duck lips as he put his hands on his hips. Akiteru was about to speak before releasing you after he gave a small gasp after you bit close to his collarbone. Team JohzenjiTerushima You walked down the halls with Yachi, the two of you were on y'all way to the bathroom before returning back to the room the girl's stayed in for the night. Daichi gave widened eyes after feeling you do so, he turned just to see Ashi giving a head shake with a sweat drop, but just when he pointed to you, your arms were already around Daichi. "Don't think I can now." "Hey you." "I said let go. Well, just the second one. "Uh huh." Love you." He gave a small chuckle as you tried to hold back at smile, he then poked your nose as you shut your eyes. Mar 14, 2020 - Read When He Pranks You from the story Haikyuu!! "Tendou watch." Your cheeks turned more red, you gave a small giggle as Kyoutani glanced back to see you step back into the bathroom, he looked down with a smirk before returning back to his serious face once he stepped outside and you followed him. You gave a small help and turned red after your butt been popped. You gave a small jump after Iwaizumi popped you and walked out of the gym. #oikawa #haikyuu headcanons #tsukishima headcanons #haikyuu scenarios #tsukishima scenarios #tsukishima kei #tsukishima fluff #tsukishima hcs # ... wright a story about how he gets caught using his boyfriend voice by the volleyball team.

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